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Pedigree of CH Pelaqita Nothin But Trouble


GC   Cacao Dignity of Pelaqita
Brown Tabby & White
GC, RW   Cacao Dawson's Creek
Blue & White Van
GC, RW   Cacao Pachelbel Canon
Cream & White
GC   Dalu Harbor Lights of Cacao, DM
Blue & White
CH   Catillak Catera
Dilute Calico
CH   Kittiary Singing in the Rain! of Cacao, DM
Dilute Calico
GC   Budmar Rain Runner of Ceylon
Black & White
GC   Byhishands Alrighty Then
GC   Brannaway Betursweetbippy of Cacao, DM
Brown Tabby & White
GC   Cacao Abercrombie
GC   Paquita Sun Rise of Cacao
CH   Caliente Monnica of Cacao
GC   Brannaway Georgia O'Keefe, DM
Brown Mac Tabby & White
GC, BW, NW   Wishstar Triumph, DM
Brown Mac Tabby & White
GC, RW   Brannaway Aurora of Cacao, DM
Black & White
Cacao Funfetti of Pelaqita
Silver Patched Tabby & White
CH, RW Cacao Poseidon
Brown Tabby & White
GC Cacao Accept No Imitations
Brown Mac Tabby & White
GC Cacao Abercrombie, DM
GC, GPD, NW Cacao Fire in My Pachette, DM
Brown Patched Mac Tabby & White
Kittiary Singing in the Rain!, DM
Dilute Calico
GC Budmar Rain Runner of Ceylon
Black & White
GC Byhishands Alrighty Then
Angelana Ingrid of Cacao
Blue-Eyed Cameo Tabby & White
CH Purrinlot Baby Blu's 4U of Angelana
Blue-Eyed Shaded Cameo & White
Purrinlot Eye Believe
Blue-Eyed Red Tabby & White
GC Purrinlot Athena's Present
Odd-Eyed Silver Patch Tabby & White
CH Purrinlot Lilly Belle of Angelana
Shaded Cameo & White
GC Misty Ridge Odd-Eye-See
Odd-Eyed Cream & White
Purrinlot Eye Leap For Joy
Silver Patch Tabby & White


Legend to Pedigree:
Prefix Title
Suffix Title
Breed Winner
Cat of the Year
Distinguished Merit
Divisional Winner
Grand Champion
Grand Premier
Grand Premeir of Distinction
National Winner


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