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Persian Kitten Application

This Application must be completed in full or you will NOT receive a reply from us.

There are no wrong or right answers on this application, this is just to get an idea of who you are and your expectations for a kitten or cat are.

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* Including yourself, list the name and age of all (human) occupants of your home?

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* Do you agree to NEVER to declaw this kitten in accordance with our Health Guarantee? I will NOT declaw     I WANT to declaw

Will this kitten be kept only in-doors? Yes No

Do you or anyone that lives in your home (or visits frequently) smoke? Yes No

Have you ever returned a cat or dog before? Yes No

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Please contact your veterinarian and other reference(s) and give them your permission for them to talk with us.

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* Name of pet-related reference (someone that knows you and knows what kind of pet owner you would be):

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Kitten Preferences and Care of Kitten

Would you prefer a kitten or cat?

Ideally, when would you like to add a Persian to your household?

Do you have a preference for the sex of the kitten?

Do you have a color preference

If you have a color preference, choose your first choice color preference

Second color preference

Third color preference

What quality kitten do you prefer?

If you prefer a Breeder or Show quality animal, why do you want this quality of kitten? Do you plan to show or breed this kitten?

* Have you read, understand and agree to our Deposit and Hold, Refunds, Forfeiture Policy?

Are you willing to continue to feed this kitten/cat Life's Abundance cat food in accordance with the Health Guarantee?

Are you willing to continue giving this kitten/cat the Life's Abundance Daily Supplement in accordance with the Health Guarantee?

Who will be the primary caregiver for this kitten?

Is anyone home during the day? Yes No

How many hours (on average) will the kitten be left alone?

Where will this kitten be kept during the day?

Where will this kitten be kept during the night?

Are you willing to provide us with a "registered name" for your kitten so that Pelaqita Persians can register the kitten with the Cat Fanciers' Association ("CFA")? A registered name is for registration purposes only, you may call the kitten anything you desire. For example, a registered name could be "Pelaqita Jack Be Quick" and the "call name" could be Bob, etc. Yes No

Are you willing to provide this kitten with the proper care and nutrition throughout its lifetime as outlined in the Health Guarantee? Yes No

Are you willing to keep current any vaccinations as required by your veterinarian or by local law? Yes No

Would you be picking up the kitten/cat from our home or arranging for travel for the kitten/cat? Cats and kittens can no longer be shipped via any airlines as "live cargo".

Please tell us what experience you have had with Persians, including any grooming experience:

Please tell us anything else you would like us to know about you, to help us make a decision. If you have other color choices, please indicate them in this area.

* Have you read our Contract/Health Guarantee?

* Are you willing to abide by the Contract/Health Guarantee?

By submitting this application, I affirm that I have read the Health Guarantee/Sales Contract and understand the terms and conditions. I also understand that I will be required to sign the Health Guarantee/Sales Contract on the day the kitten or cat is picked up, and if I decline to sign the Health Guarantee/Sales Contract, the sale of the kitten or cat will be void and my deposit (if already paid) is non-refundable in accordance with our Deposit Policy.


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