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Recommended Books About Persian Cats

Below are a few books that we highly recommend for further information on Persian cats and their care. Click on the picture of the book & the link will open a new window on

Persian Cats & Cat Information

Cats for the GENIUS
By: Ramona D. Marek

Are you a cat owner or are you thinking about becoming one? If cats have already cast their magical spell on you, you'll find valuable information for you and your feline friends. If you're getting your first cat or find yourself unexpectedly living with a feline roommate, welcome to the cat fancy. Get ready for a whimsical, enchanting, and affectionate lifelong relationship!

Proper care takes time, money, and a lifetime commitment. Whether you are newly kitten smitten or a seasoned feline aficionado, Cats for the GENIUS shows you how to build the foundation of a long, healthy, happy relationship between you and your cat.

Cats for the GENIUS is written with clever wit and in an easy-to-read conversational style common to books in the For the GENIUS series. It is your comprehensive owner's guide to everything feline.

The Cat Fanciers' Association Complete Cat Book provides both breeders and pet owners with an easy, authoritative, and engaging reference book on their beloved pet. Written by the associates of the CFA -- consummate experts in their field -- and edited by Mordecai Siegal, this compendium offers a thoroughly instructive and wholly entertaining resource by providing all the information necessary for knowing everything about the feline.

Feline Husbandry: Diseases and Management in the Multiple-cat Environment, 1e
By: Dr. Niels Pedersen, DVM PhD

A must have book if you are thinking about the possibility of breeding cats.



The Cornell Book of Cats

The Cornell Book of Cats: A Comprehensive and Authoritative Medical Reference for Every Cat and Kitten
by Mordecai Siegal

Thoroughly updated and revised, a complete feline medical reference furnishes timely imformation on cat nutrition, reproduction, genetics, first aid, breeds, anatomy, medical advances, preventive care, and more.

The Longhaired Cat - An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet

The Longhaired Cat: An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet
by Anna Sadler

Long-time successful show enthusiast and breeder of Persian cats, Anna Sadler, has written an informative book on her beloved Persian breed.

Persian Cats

Persian Cats
By: Rosemay Kendall

The Complete Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age. Buying, Caring for, Grooming, Health, Training and Understanding Your Persian Cat


The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management

The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management
by Susan Little, DVM

Comprehensive in scope and exclusively devoted to feline medical care, Dr. Susan Little's The Cat: Clinical Medicine and Management is an essential resource for anyone who provides complete, state-of-the-art care to cats. This is a must have book on cat care and managing your cat's health.

The Persian Cat (A vet's guide on how to care for your Persian cat)s

The Persian Cat (A vet's guide on how to care for your Persian cat)
by Dr. Gordon Roberts, DVM

With their long, lush fur, their gentle character and their origins in the fabled caravan cities of Central Asia, Persians are amongst the most appealing of all cats – and this book is the essential guide to everything you could ever need to know about their health, behaviour, wellbeing and more. Written by experienced vet and cat expert Gordon Roberts, you'll learn about the history and character of the species, and get vital insights into all the challenges a cat-owner might face. With chapters dedicated to each of the common diseases that affect Persians, and clear-eyed professional insights into the issues of neutering and vaccination, the book cuts through old wives' tales and tells you everything you need to know about feline health.

Declawing Information

Why Declaw a Cat: Reasons and Problems

Thinking of Declawing?: Reasons Complications Alternatives
by LNR Ekonen

Updated edition - The idea for this book was initially conceived after I viewed the documentary, "The Paw Project", and became interested in researching the subject of declawing and the reasons this particular area of animal surgery was initially developed, and is offered to clients. This book discusses, in a respectful but factual manner, practically everything you may need to know about declawing.

Cat Behavior Problems

Cat Behavior Problems - A collection of books from Amazon on Cat Behavior Problems and how to correct them.


What About After You Die - What happens to your pet?

When Your Pet Outlives You

When Your Pet Outlives You: Protecting Animal Companions After You Die
By: David Congalton, Charlotte Alexander

If you were to die tomorrow, what would happen to your beloved animal companions? Would they be cared for and loved, even after your death? Do you have an appointed caretaker that you can trust? Do you have legal safeguards in place to protect your animals from being surrendered to an animal shelter, or worse yet, put to death?

When Your Pet Outlives You is the first comprehensive book to help you prepare for the future care of your animal companions, if you were to die before them. This book combines compelling personal stories along with practical steps you can take to protect your animal companions. Chapters include discussions of establishing a pet I.D system, pet trusts, animal sanctuaries, and pet retirement homes. The authors also take a discerning look at the pros and cons of different state laws for protecting pets, sample legal documents, what to do if you are financially strapped, and more.


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