When My World Seemed to Collapse

Over a year ago, I placed an intact breeding pair of kittens with a woman living in the western part of Illinois. She had said that she had bred and showed Persians cats in the 1970’s and wanted to get back into cats. She was looking for a solid cream kitten. About two or three months ago, she contacted me … Read More

White Vinegar Uses

White vinegar is a natural, inexpensive cleaning solution. Below are just a few of the uses for distilled white vinegar: We use an environmentally safe and pet safe deodorizer in our litter boxes. Here is a link to the Bio Deodorizer if anyone is interested in this great product. They also make a pet safe and environmentally safe floor cleaner that we think is … Read More

Why You Should Microchip Your Cat!

A study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, reveals that fewer than 2 percent of lost cats and about 22 percent of lost dogs entering animal shelters are returned to their original families. When microchipped and registered, 52 percent of dogs and over 38 percent of cats are re-united with their owners. Unfortunately, only 58 percent of … Read More

Zoonosis – Yourself and Your Cat

Zoonotic diseases (also called zoonosis) that can pass from animals to humans. Most diseases are species specific. Good hygiene can help avoid most zoonotic diseases by disinfecting contaminated areas, washing hands after handling contaminated items (including cats) and wearing rubber gloves to prevent infectious matter entering skin wounds. Most diseases pose no threat to humans and treatable by your doctor. … Read More