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Health and Genetic Guarantee

Our Persian cats and Persian kittens are placed with a contract to protect all involved.

Persians placed in pet / companion homes, are spayed / neutered prior to going to their new homes. All of our retired cats are spayed / neutered before they are placed in loving homes.

Breeding rights are only given to qualified homes on a case-by-case basis and at our sole discretion. If you are new to Persians and would like to show, we are more than willing to help you get started and strongly encourage you to purchase an "altered" cat and show it in the "Premier" classes. By showing in the Premier classes with an altered cat, a new breeder will not have to deal with an intact cat that will either be in heat every month if a female cat, or a male cat that may well spray and/or mark. If you are new to the world of purebred cats, please send us an email and tell us something about yourself, what you are hoping to do with your cat(s), where you live, background in cats, how you plan to house the cat(s), what you already know about purebred Persian cats.

Pet Quality:

A pet quality Persian kitten is one that will make a great companion for any owner, and it is as healthy and cute as its' littermates. A pet quality Persian may have one or more physical characteristics that are not desirable in a show-quality cat as defined by the CFA Persian breed standard. Follow this link to view the Persian standard. This could mean that the kitten does not have a "flat" face or some other similar "fault". Pet quality Persian kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to being placed in their new homes. More information on Early Spay - Neuter study and results. Pet quality Persian kittens are priced from $950-$2,000 depending on quality, color, and availability.

Please review our Pet Quality Contract prior to filling out an Application for one of our Persian kittens or an older Persian cat.

Breeder Quality:

A breeder quality Persian is one that may have one or more disqualifying features as defined by the CFA Persian breed standard for the show ring. However, if these cats are bred to the right cat, a breeder quality Persian has the potential to produce better than itself (i.e., show quality). We do not guarantee that this kitten (or cat) will produce a show quality kitten because proper grooming, care, maturity, and presentation are always very important factors in winning in the show ring. We do not guarantee any winning titles. Please contact us directly for prices and availability.

We work together with a kitten buyer to provide a workable Breeder Health Guarantee on a case-by-case basis.

Show Quality:

A show quality Persian will have the necessary characteristics as defined in the CFA Persian breed standard to attain at least a Champion title and may very well attain a Grand Champion title with proper grooming and presentation. Again, as with any show animal, proper grooming, care, maturity, and presentation are the deciding factors in winning in the show ring. We do not guarantee any winning titles.

If you are interested in showing, please send us an email telling us about yourself, knowledge of Persian cats, how you plan to house a cat, whether you want to show in Premier or regular classes and we will work with new show breeders on a case by case basis.


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