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Effective February 2007, we are no longer linking to sites other than cattery sites, or cat related. We have had too many sites that then linked to inappropriate sites.

All links will open in a new external window.

Cattery Links

Purrsianpals Persian kittens and Persian cats
Donegal Himalayans and Persian cats
Purrinlot cattery - Opens in a new external window
PCacao cattery - Opens in a new external window ByHisHandsCattery
Trustar cattery

Cat Related Links

Litter-Robot Cacao Cat Furniture Emi-Pet - Grooming Salon Pro ID microchip
Soft Paws - Nail caps for cats and kittens. An Effective, Safe and Humane Alternative to Declawing! The Purrfect Solution for Problem Cat Scratching.    Your Cat will Love You For It!
Cat Fanciers Association web site
The natural Pet Food Place -
Helping Pets Live Longer, Healthier Lives! Safe High Quality Pet Food, Treats & Supplements Delivered to Your Door at an Affordable Price.
The Paw Project - Do not declaw!
Mailing Address:  
The Paw Project
PO Box 445
Santa Monica, CA
Phone:   (310) 795-6215
nokill network - opens in new window
The research team compiled a list of 22 pet insurance companies and then selected 12 of the best to review based on 52 pet insurance features.
CD&E web site Dr. Susan Little's web site - For cat breeders and fanciers breeding cats logo Cat water bottles - great for long haired cats PandECats web site - online magazine devoted to Persian and Exotic Cats Kitty Sites web site - The Cat Lover's Online Directory
Cat Trees Made in America
We Proudly Offer Cat Furniture Made in the USA by Craftsmen, Using Premium Quality Materials

Other Links

Clean up, mitigation, remediation specialty service for residential and commercial properties.
Professionals are available 24 hours/7 days a week and respond to restoration emergency: water, fire, or storm damage and mold.
Central Dispatch (717) 825-0298
Servicing Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware and surrounding areas.
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