CH   Pur-Snicikity's Tommy Can You Hear Me? of Pelaqita

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brown tabby & white Persian cat

ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
GC, RW Cacao Dawson's Creek
Blue & White Van
GC Brannaway Betursweetbippy of Cacao, DM
Brown Tabby & White
GC Cacao Dignity of Pelaqita
Brown Tabby & White
CH, RW Cacao Poseidon
Brown Tabby & White
GC, RW Pelaqita Nothin But Trouble
Silver Tabby & White
Cacao Funfetti of Pelaqita
Silver Patch Tabby White Van
Angelana Ingrid of Cacao
Blue-Eyed Cameo Tabby & White
CH Patlen Raising Cain of Pur-Snickity
Cream & White
GC, RW Pur-Snickity Eye-of-The Hurri-Cain
Brown Tabby & White
Bayou Moon Lily of Pur-Snickity

Brown Tabby & White
Pur-Snickity's Rock Your World!

Cream & White
CH Pur-Snickity's The Perfect Storm
Blue & White
CH Pur-Snickity's Exit To Eden
CH Farallon Senna of Pur-Snickity