Pinkpawpal EOS of Pelaqita

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CH  Pajean's Rumor Has It of Pelaqita, Silver Patch Tabby & White Persian cat

ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
GC, RW Ericshaw First Kiss of Pinkpawpal, DM
Red Tabby & White
GC, DW Pinkpawpal Kronos of Ericshaw
Blue Tabby & White
CH, PR Ark Star Sappheiros of Pinkpawpal
Blue Tabby & White
GC, BW Toy Tricksy Kisses in the Wind
Brown Patch Tabby & White
GC, GP, DW BYHISHANDS Aquamarina of Pinkpawpal, DM
Blue Tabby & White
CH Seder Rennes Harvet of Toy Tricksy
Red & White
Brown Patch Mac Tabby & White
GC Catillak's Yo Vinnie of Toy Tricksy, DM
Black & White
GC, NW Catillak's Repete Performance, DM
Red Tabby & White
CH Seder Rennes Ooh La La, DM
Dilute Calico
RW Catillak's That Girl of Jubileum, DM
Dilute Calico
GC, GP Sho-Dazzler You Better Run
Black & White
CH Patlen Tacori Ice of Busper
Red Mac Tabby & White
CH Toy Tricksy Semele of Pinkpawpal, DM