Pelaqita Persian Cat and Kitten Videos

Rosie and Mikey's Persian kitten litter
A litter of seven Persian kittens born on November 2, 2018. Check out our website for more videos and information about Persian cats.
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    1. Please choose the “Kittens” tab on the navigation menu on this website and review the pages contained in that section. After reviewing those pages, if you would like to be considered for one of my kittens, please fill out and submit the online Application form. The Application form is what puts you on the wait list.

  1. Do you ever have pure white kittens? I am looking for a male doll faced one. I have heard that white ones may be blind and I want to be sure it can see.

    1. White cats (and dogs) can be deaf in one or both ears. I do not work with solids. I breed bi-colors (i.e., black & white, blue & white, brown tabby & white, etc.). The best of luck in your search.

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