Cats and Declawing

Many people believe that declawing their cat is the surgical removal of the cat’s nails. This is incorrect. Before making the decision to have your cat declawed be aware that there may be an alternative to declawing. Declawing a cat is a procedure that is mostly done in the United States, and most owners are not aware of what declawing … Read More

Cats and High Places

As many cat owners can attest, cats seem to prefer high places whether they are looking to take a nap, play or just hang out. While we may never really know the real reasons(s) why, here are a few theories: The warmer air is located in the ceiling area of a room. Since cats prefer warm and cozy areas to … Read More

Cats and Holiday Safety

Cat in Santa Hat – Adobe StockIt is easy to forget that some of the common items we have in and around our homes during the holidays can be dangerous to our cats and dogs.  Keep the following in mind: Chocolate Chocolate is never good for a cat (or dog) to eat. However, dark chocolate is far more dangerous because … Read More

Cats and Problem Behaviors

© Pelaqita PersiansPlease Note:  This article addresses behavior, problems, and a possible solution for the indoor cat as we believe that all domesticated cats should live indoors, especially our beloved Persian cats.     🙂 Obviously, dogs and cats are different. Inasmuch as dogs are pack animals and form hierarchies and cats are solitary and more territorial than dogs. Therefore, … Read More

Cats and Summertime Health Issues

It’s Summer ! © Pelaqita PersiansMost cats seem to take care of themselves and we are rarely aware of when they are not feeling well. There are several preventable problems that cats run into and they seem to increase with the summer season. Your cat relies on you in order to be safe and well-cared for. Top Five Seasonal Feline … Read More

Cats and the Causes of Stress

Cats are creatures of habit and routine. Changes that upset their habits and/or routine can cause a cat to become anxious. A cat that experiences anxiety as a result of changes like this becomes stressed and possibly resentful. The types of stress a cat experiences are usually from one of three basic sources: The surrounding environment (including multi-cat households – … Read More

Ceylons Wand-erland

Ceylon’s Wand-erland Ceylon’s Wand-erland is the creation of Chasity Rader of Ceylon Persians. Chasity has been showing, breeding and raising Persian cats since 1998. Her cats can be found in pedigrees throughout America and generally, worldwide, and most of her lines are overseas. Ceylon Persian cats have achieved titles from Champion to Grand Champion while making CFA history several times … Read More

CFA Cattery of Excellence

  The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has a program whereby a cattery may obtain certification from the CFA for adhering to a standard of care for their cats. We are proud to say, we have received the distinction of “Cattery of Excellence” every year since 2005 when we first applied. To review a list of CFA’s Approved Catteries click here.  … Read More

Consumer Affairs – Best Pet Insurance Quiz

When it comes to pet insurance, many pet owners aren’t sure if they need it. Consumer Affairs created this simple quiz to help consumers learn if pet insurance could be right for them. Pet insurance helps pet owners pay the cost of medical expenses if the pet becomes ill or has an accident. Some pet insurance plans cover routine checkups and wellness … Read More

Contacting a Kitten Breeder

Is there a right way or wrong way to contact a Persian kitten breeder? I believe so. To maximize your success for getting a response from a kitten breeder follow these easy steps. Tips When Contacting a Breeder Go to their website and check to see if they are showing or not. To me, a responsible breeder will be a … Read More