Cats and Problem Behaviors

Cats and Problem BehaviorsPlease Note:  This article addresses behavior, problems, and a possible solution for the indoor cat as we believe that all domesticated cats should live indoors, especially our beloved Persian cats.     🙂 Obviously, dogs and cats are different. Inasmuch as dogs are pack animals and form hierarchies and cats are solitary and more territorial than dogs. … Read More

Cats and Summertime Health Issues

Cats and Summertime Health IssuesMost cats seem to take care of themselves and we are rarely aware of when they are not feeling well. There are several preventable problems that cats run into and they seem to increase with the summer season. Your cat relies on you in order to be safe and well-cared for.Top Five Seasonal Cat Health Risks … Read More

CFA Cattery of Excellence

CFA Cattery of ExcellenceThe Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) has a program whereby a cattery may obtain certification from the CFA for adhering to a standard of care for their cats. We are proud to say, we have received the distinction of “Cattery of Excellence” every year since 2005 when we first applied. To review a list of CFA’s Approved Catteries … Read More

Consumer Affairs – Best Pet Insurance Quiz

Consumer Affairs – Best Pet Insurance QuizWhen it comes to pet insurance, many pet owners aren’t sure if they need it. Consumer Affairs created this simple quiz to help consumers learn if pet insurance could be right for them. Pet insurance helps pet owners pay the cost of medical expenses if the pet becomes ill or has an accident. Some pet insurance … Read More

“Dear Abby” or Cat Breeder?

Dear Abby or Cat Breeder?Being a cat breeder may be different from what many people imagine. I know that I do not just interact with people contacting me wishing to buy a kitten or those having a question or concern about a kitten they may have gotten from me a while ago. On average, I spend two to three hours … Read More

Designer Cats and Hybrid Cats

Designer Cats and Hybrid CatsAncient Persia Architecture © Adobe Stock Image Over 4,000 years ago the Egyptians domesticated cats. Nowadays, people have a taste for all things exotic and are working to undo the domesticated cat with the introduction of “half-wild” cats. Yes, this is just my opinion and I HAVE very STRONG feelings about these cat breeds. These breeders … Read More

Do You Know the Real PETA and Humane Society of the United States?

An Editorial by Alice FixThis article first appeared in the March, 2007 issue (Volume V Issue 2) of the Rocky Mountain Wrinkle, the newsletter of the Centennial Chinese Shar-Pei Club, Inc. Any reference to this article must give full credit to the Rocky Mountain Wrinkle, and the Centennial Chinese Shar-Pei Club, Inc. Permission must be granted to use any articles from … Read More

End of Life Decision Making

End of Life Decisions One of the most important decisions facing a pet owner is when to make an End of Life Decision for our pet. When is it time to talk to our veterinarian about humanely euthanizing a beloved pet? Our pets cannot make their wishes known to us or leave a Living Will. Animals cannot tell us how … Read More

Finding A New Veterinarian

Finding a VeterinarianOnce you have found a breeder you are going to get your new Persian kitten from it is time to choose a new veterinarian. It is not only important to have spent time researching responsible breeders, but also researching who will be responsible for providing your new kitty with medical care. How do you find a veterinarian? What … Read More

Giving Kittens as Gifts

Giving Kittens As GiftsChristmas at Pelaqita Persians Christmas is fast approaching, and already I am getting phone calls and emails asking if we will have kittens available for Christmas. Most of the inquiries I get during the Holiday season is for “a kitten as a surprise for my [insert name here]. While surprising a loved one with a new kitten … Read More