Persian kitten pictured with hair dry, scissors, comb

We have gathered together a list of our favorite supplies and products for Persian cats and other cat breeds. Most of the products on the following list come from, Castle Baths (natural products), Life's Abundance (healthy, natural cat and dog food and products), Pet Edge, Petco, Drs. Foster and Smith, PinkPawPal and 1-800-PetMed.   Pelaqita Persians is an authorized representative of Life's Abundance and is an Amazon Associate and I am compensated for qualifying purchases.

I prefer to order most of our cat supplies on-line as it saves time and quite a bit of money. Have fun with your new Persian cat or Persian kitten.

Please be patient, this page has many graphic images for the products and may take a little while to load in your browser.       🙂

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Beehive Water Bowls

Bee Hive BowlBeehive Ceramic Water Bowls. This is a must have and the cats enjoy using these bowls. Everything is 100% handmade by Charlie in the USA, lead free, dishwasher, and microwave safe. It helps keep the Persian coat beautiful longer by avoiding water stains and spills on the chin and neck area because the opening is so small and only allows for the Persian to stick its tongue in to lap up the water.

Metal Combs

Buttercomb #014 cat comb

VDISC Chris Christensen 4.5-inch BUTTERCOMB All Coarse
from: CherryBrook
#014 BUTTERCOMB (4 1/2" Styling Comb, All Coarse) by Chris Christensen - This is my personal favorite!!!! This comb takes out the dead hair without removing healthy coat.

Teflon anti-static cat combAnti-Static Pet Comb Medium/Coarse - Sometimes called a Greyhound comb.

Face and leg cat comb#006 Face / Feet Buttercomb, Extra Fine/Fine teeth, 5" round spine, 5/8" teeth, half teeth spaced at 24 [per inch, half spaced at 12 per inch By: Chris Christensen. If the Amazon does not have this comb in stock, please click on this link to Cherrybrook to purchase this comb.


Please remember that brushes should not be used as a daily grooming tool as a brush does not get down deep enough to get those tiny mats in a Persian cat's cat. We use a brush for "fluffing" at the show hall.

chris christensen cat brushesChris Christensen Oval Pin Brush / Medium 27mm - Use one to apply powder and use a second brush to fluff the coat. NEVER brush a Persian cat's coat as it will not remove mats. Brushes should be used only for fluffing a coat.


Degreasing cream by pinkpawpalPinkPawPal Degreasing Cream

The first step in the bathing process in all colors of cats and dogs.  Use this degreasing shampoo as a primary shampoo for those pets that are low-white or other colors.  The Degreasing Cream quickly and easily removes oils, grease, and dirt.  Use this shampoo as a regular shampoo for any color other than whites, calicos and bi-colors.  Great for tabbies, smokes, torties, shadeds, etc.


pinkpawpal hypoallergenic shampooHypoallergenic Shampoo by PinkPawPal is for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.  Nourishes and promotes a healthy, soft coat using Chamomile Extract, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.  This Shampoo replaces the Kitten and Facial Shampoo – safe to use on puppies, kittens, and pregnant pets.  No-tears formula.
Whitening & Silky Shampoo by PinkPawPal Whitening and Silky Shampoo by PinkPawPal brightens and softens coats on cats and dogs. For stubborn tear stain removal (i.e., stud tail, etc.) use with the Bling Bling Powder.
pinkpawpal hypoallergenic shampooSkincare Shampoo by PinkPawPal is an anti-fungal and stops itching and shedding.  Treats skin infection with natural extracts.  Restores skin and regrows the pet’s coat with Keratin, Biotin, Collagen, Coconut Oil, Butterfly Pea, Soap Nut, Salicylic Acid.

TropiClean Luxury 2 in 1 Papaya & Coconut Pet Shampoo and Conditioner  - 20 oz -

We use this shampoo to bathe our cats.  This shampoo is a good all around shampoo and conditioner!

Tropiclean Gallon

Tropiclean Hypo Allergenic - Papaya Plus 2 in 1 Pet Shampoo, 1 Gallon - We use this product to wash our cats. It is the last shampoo that we use in our bathing process.


Nourishing Conditioner by PinkPawPalNourishing Conditioner by PinkPawPal maintains a healthy and soft coat for dogs and cats. Prevents knots. Anti-Electrostatic. Soft, healthy and smooth to rejuvenate a dry coat with avocado oil, coconut milk, almond milk.  Sale for kittens, puppies and pregnant pets.  Non-greasy or sticky finish compared to other conditioners. 

Face and Kitten Shampoos

pinkpawpal hypoallergenic shampooHypoallergenic Shampoo by PinkPawPal is for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.  Nourishes and promotes a healthy, soft coat using Chamomile Extract, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.  This Shampoo replaces the Kitten and Facial Shampoo – safe to use on puppies, kittens, and pregnant pets.  No-tears formula.

Ringworm Treatment Supplies

Lime Sulfur DipLime Sulfur Dip - Effective against ringworm, mange, lice. Antimicrobial and antiparasitic. Easy-to-use, sponge on or dip.  Concentrated formula - Mix 4 oz per gallon of water. Safe for use on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and horses.

Eye Washes and Stain Removers

Anna Face WashCastle Baths - Popular! Castle Baths Anna Face Wash with a helpmate to lighten up stains- not by bleaching, but by pulling the stain out of the hair shaft. The more you use this Face Wash- the brighter you'll become. Use as often as you wish- the more you use this product- the faster the tear stains will disappear. No need to rinse!

Eye and Facial Cleanser by PinkpawpalThe Eye and Facial Cleansing Solution by PinkPawPal  helps in removing deep tear stains.  Safe and gentle for use around the eyes, face, and body. Can be safely used as many times a day as you need to remove tear stains. The Eye and Facial Cleaning Solution works best when combined with the Wink Eye Powder.

Equate Sensitive Eyes solutionEquate - multi-purpose cleaner (for contacts) - This product is good for wiping the eyes as it works on the protein in the cat's tears which is what causes the "rust" colored tears and stains under the eyes.

Betadine Solution mixed with clean tap water (so that it looks like weak tea). Ophthalmologists use this solution to clean cat's eyes as a disinfectant and my ophthalmologist recommended to me to use on my cats as a daily wash.

Tear Stain Removing Powder

Wink Eye Powder by pinkpawpalWink Eye Powder by PinkPawPal is for cats and dogs with tear stains.  The delicate and fine powder adheres better to the fur, so a little goes a long way.  The Tear Stain Removing Powder is very gentle, yet powerful, at reducing tears and inflammation around the eye area when used continuously.  Formerly known as Tear Stain Removing Powder.

For best results, use in conjunction with our Eye and Facial Cleansing Concentrated Solution.

Ear Cleaners

Ear Cleanser by Pinkpawpal

Ear Cleansing Solution by PinkPawPal gently cleans ears and prevents mites.  A natural formula containing Tea Tree Oil. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and protects pet from ear mites.  Non-antibiotic and not greasy. Deodorise. Can be safely used daily.

ProEar cleaner for cats and dogsTop Performance ProEar Professional Medicated Dog and Cat Ear Cleaner- 16-Ounce bottle - ProEar professional medicated pet ear cleaner is the fast, effective way to loosen and dissolve ear wax and reduce odors. Medicated formula cleans and treats dogs and cats ears.

Life's Abundance Ear cleaner for cats and dogsLife's Abundance Ear Care Formula - Cleans ears and eliminates odor, dissolves ear wax and removes dirt and debris by bringing it to the surface. Ear Care Formula dries the ear but don't worry, there's no alcohol. It also soothes the ear during application and long after.

Soaps and Stud Tail Cleaner

Anna Groomer soapBreeder Bar Soap - Helps free you from worrying about passing germs from yourself to your pet. Acts as an antiseptic, antimicrobial soap to eliminate fungal, viral, and bacterial germs before they become infections. For use on both humans and animals Made with organic ingredients as a vegan alternative to commercial soaps. (contains 2% chlorhexiderm)

Anna Chin Acne soapChin Acne Soap - Many kitties find themselves with blackheads on their chins- this fancy bar of soap will cleanse the skin while removing impurities with aloe vera. Soothes while removing impurities.

Anna stud tail soapStud Tail Cleaner with goats milk, lemongrass and dead sea salt to remove excess oil without stripping in those especially greasy areas- such as stud tail on your cats. Natural Soap bars for your Cats. Castle Baths is the only creator of soap of this kind! Simply use the soap on your cats fur as you would a regular bar of soap and rinse. Contains Lemongrass to help reduce oils.

Pet Safe Household Deodorizer and Cleaner

Pet Safe household deodorizer BioDeodorizer gets rid of odors by digesting their sources. Safe for use on tile and carpet, trash receptacles, recycle bins, hampers, even drain lines! Eliminates odors from pet beds and pet accidents on carpet and grout, and freshens litter boxes. BioDeodorizer is non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates.

pet safe floorwashFloor Wash - This amazing product contains environmentally-safe and highly-effective cleansers in addition to microbial grease digesters to completely rid your floors of dirt, grime and odor-causing organic matter. Floorwash works extremely well on waxed and polished floors, hardwoods, glazed ceramic tile, concrete, quarry tile, even brick. Just one bottle contains enough concentrate to make 32 gallons of high-powered Floorwash! And best of all, it's non-toxic, fully biodegradable, has a neutral pH and contains no harmful phosphates.


CET Dental kits for cats and felinesCET Dental Hygiene Kits includes a double sided toothbrush for all sizes of pets, Finger toothbrush and CET Poulty Toothpaste. A complete kit for your pets home dental hygiene needs. Daily brushing provides the very best in home dental care for your pet. Both toothbrushes remove plaque from tooth surfaces massages and strengthens gums.

CET toothpaste for cats and felinesCET Toothpaste is specially formulated to be safe effective and appealing to your dog or cat. Contains the C.E.T. Dual Enzyme system to inhibit the formation of plaque. formulated specially for dogs and cats they contain no foaming agents and are meant to be swallowed. Flavors are well accepted by pets and make brushing easy.

Pet Dryers

Flying One pet dryer - flying pigFlying One High Velocity 4.0 Hp Motor Dog Pet Grooming Force Dryer w/ Heater - Constructed with steel shell and the motor is design for hard use for years
Equipped 10 ft. flexible Hose/two different nozzles & filter/1 Year Warranty
Air Volume: 240 CFM/Air Speed: 28000 FPM/Watts: 1800/Volts: 110V
Heats: None, Low, High Temperature: 81F to 160F
Powerful motor up to 4.0 Peak H.P./16.36 amps/Voltage 110V/60 Cycle

This is the dryer I am currently using.

Metro dryerMetro Vacuum AFTD-2 Air Force Commander Two Speed 1.7-Peak HP Dryer  - Metro Air Force Commander Compact Dryer You want more out of your dryer than just a lot of hot air. You want a dryer that saves you time, saves you work and leaves your dogs looking beautiful. That's the grooming advantage Metro Air Force Commander gives you. Metro Air Force Commander is a powerful floor/table dryer with two-speed performance, allowing you to groom large or small breeds with one dryer.  Item includes: 6' flexible hose, airflow control, air concentrator, air flare and groomer rake. 

Metro dryerMetro Vacuum AFTD-3 Air Force Commander 4.0-Peak HP Pet Dryer - Metrovac's Air Force Commander Dog Grooming Dryer is one of the top dog grooming tools that professionals and non-professionals alike turn to for drying their short-haired dogs' fur without using heat that dries out their coats or makes them uncomfortable. The Air Force Commander is a combination of portability with highly efficient drying that gives you the power and speed of a large, commercial dryer with the compact design and ease of use of a portable machine, cutting drying time for short-haired dogs by two-thirds. Attachments: air concentrator, air flare tool, and a groomer rake. Also included with the Air Force Commander is a pair of Master Grooming Scissors. An extra long cord (12 feet) lets you plug in almost anywhere. 2 Speed airflow lets you customize the drying experience for small dogs and large dogs alike.


Nail Clippers and Styptic Powders

nail clippers or nail scissorsNail Scissors - Master Grooming Tools Stainless Steel Cat Nail Scissors with Finger Rest.  Small, 3-1/2-Inch

I love these nail scissors/clippers and only use this kind!

Kwik Stop PowderKwik-Stop Styptic Powder .5 Ounce - a quick and effective way to stop the bleeding caused by clipping nails and dewclaws.

If you are clipping your own cat's nail, having this product is a MUST!

Scratching Posts and Cat Trees

Go Pet Club Brown 28" Cat Tree CondoGo Pet Club Brown 28" Cat Tree Condo -  Color: Leopard. Size: 18"W x 17.5"L x 28"H. Size of round house: 10" Diameter x 12" Length. 2 Hanging balls included. (Front) Bottom post can turn. Posts covered by natural sisal rope. Board covering material: Faux Fur. Board material: Wood. Easy to assemble with step by step instruction and tools included.

Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching PostPioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching PostCats need a scratching post that will allow them to get a full stretch. The 32-inch post height allows the cat to stretch vertically while using the post (important for territorial marking purposes and for toning muscles). The finest materials and workmanship guarantee the scratching post will remain attractive and useful for years

Molly and Friends Tall Sisal Scratching PostOur extra large carpet and sisal scratching post is just the right size for any cat to tear into. The carpet is high quality and the all natural sisal rope is heavy duty and stands up to even the most dilligent scratching. The wood post underneath the sisal is made of solid pine, so it won't bend or wobble like cardboard built scratchers. This handmade unit arrives fully assembled and sits on an 18" x 18" weighted base. It is 32" tall and comes in a beige color.

Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, IvoryArmarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory - CAT DADDY APPROVED. Overall Dimensions: 28"(L)X25"(W)X57"(H).  All scratching posts are wrapped in 100% cured sisal for long-lasting scratchability.  House Dimensions: 15"(L)X14"(W)X12"(H).   Max Holding Weight: 40 lbs. 

Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 in.Go Pet Club Cat Tree - 72 in. - Keep your cats off your furniture with Go Pet Club's 72" Tall Beige Cat Tree. This cat tree features three perches, two condos, and two toy mice. It has plenty of room for your cats to play and lounge. With 10 posts covered in sisal rope to scratch on, your cats will leave your expensive furniture alone.

Premium Extra Large Cat TreePremium Extra Large Cat Tree - 80" 

  • Beautifully designed with fun activities for your cat to scratch, climb, jump, play and even to sleep or lounge on
  • Surface Material: Faux Fur
  • Color: Beige
  • Board Material: E1 Grade Pressed Wood
  • Post Covered By Sisal Rope


Go Pet Club Huge Cat TreeGo Pet Club Huge Cat Tree  - Beige Color - This 106” cat tree castle will keep your feline friends busy and entertained. This cat tree offers a unique design with nine elevated platforms and three large condos which can accommodate multiple cats. It is made from highly durable compressed wood covered with high quality Faux Fur to keep your pets warmed and cozy. Multiple scratching posts are covered by natural sisal ropes which is perfect for your cats to scratch, climb, play and become active. Other features such as ladders, hanging toys, baskets and perches are added for more excitement. This cat tree is easy to clean, and it requires minor assembly.

Goldtatze  cat trees, cat walks, cat bedsGoldtatze - Cat scratching post and cat tree made from top portion of a real tree. From $2,318 USD tax free (depending on the material, finishes and options, plus shipping fee from Germany to USA)

Litter Box / Pan - Litter Scoop - Litter Mats, and Cat Litter

Litter robot - $25 off couponThe Litter-Robot™ frees you from the chore of litter box scooping. You can be confident that your cats have a litter box that is cleaned automatically and reliably, again and again with no rake which can trap or injure their paws. For pets 5 pounds and up to approximately 15-20 pounds. Click on the picture to check out the Litter Robot website and get $25 off the last Litter "box" you will every purchase!

I have three of these and highly recommend it. I love it - but more importantly so do our cats!

tidy cats breeze litter box systemTidy Cats Litter Breeze System. Starter system includes litter box, litter scoop,  litter pellets and pads.   This litter box does NOT have a hood.  We use both versions in our home.  For the hooded version, click here.
Tidy Cats Breeze pellets 3.5 pound bagTidy Cats Breeze Litter Pellets refill.  Two 3.5 pound bags of Pellets.
breeze litter padsTidy Cats Breeze Litter  pads. Two pack of ten pads. 

FRESH STEP CAT LITTER 261371 Fresh Step Multiple Cat Litter Strength, 42-Pound 

We use and recommend Fresh Step - Scoopable litter.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter. This a multi-cat household litter and works wonders. We also use and recommend this litter which is also from Dr. Elsey. Hypo-allergenic, All natural, Hard clumping, 99.9% dust free, Superior odor control.

Dr. Elsey's Cat Attrack Litter - We use and recommend this product as a litter that eliminates litter box mishaps for those cats that have a problem consistently using their litterbox and for litterbox training for kittens. Great training litter, All natural, Hard clumping, 99.5% dust free, Superior odor control.

Precious Cat Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Scoopable Cat LitterMulti Kitten formula, the first and only litter specifically designed to train kitten's to use the litter box guaranteed. May be used in mechanical litter boxes and it controls odor naturally without perfume, deodorants or chemicals.  20 lbs. 

Food and Water Dishes

Please note: We use either stainless steel bowls or the ceramic bowls made by Charlie's Critters.

beehive bowls by charlie's crittersHand made by Charlie's Critters. These bowls are the perfect water bowl for Persian cats (if you are not using a water bottle) as the bowls are designed so that the cat does not stick its whole face in the bowl and then get its front wet, stained, and/or matted. We use the two smallest sizes: Small (1/8-1/4 cup); Medium (1/3 cup) - Dishwasher safe.

indented lip food dish charlie's crittersHand made by Charlie's Critters. Canned food dish with indented lip to prevent the food from being pushed out and over the top of traditionally shapped bowls. - Dishwasher safe.

mound cat water dish charlie's crittersThe Mound - Just like the Beehive Water Bowls, the "Mound" is uniquely shaped - your pets can easily take a drink, but only their tongues can fit in the bowl keeping their fur dry and clean.

indented lip food dish charlie's crittersHand made by Charlie's Critters. Canned food dish with indented lip to prevent the food from being pushed out and over the top of traditionally shapped bowls. - Dishwasher safe.

EBI water fountainsEbi Fountains - Custom-made, pet safe, water fountains. We have one of these fountains and are very happy with it.

Feed safe for catsFeed Safe™ - Protect your pet's food with the portable Feed-Safe™ feeding station. Food and water mess is contained, and dome is easily removed for cleaning. Adjustable sliding door locks into position, allowing your smaller pet into the dome while keeping larger pets out. A one-way flip-door located on the side lifts for a quick alternate egress if the entrance is blocked or closed for secure feeding. Includes two 1-quart stainless steel bowls. 2-year limited warranty. 16" tall x 23" wide and the door opening is 7.5" by 9" at its largest.

Catit Water FountainCatit Water Fountain - Flower Fountain Allows 3 different water flow settings for picky drinkers and offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water

  • 3L re-circulating system takes up little floor space. Dimensions are 9.0 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches
  • The unique design makes only fresh water available to the cat
  • Includes a dual-action water softening filter and a small energy-efficient pump. Made of BPA-free materials
  • Ergonomic design matching the Catit Multi Feeder (#43741). Combine the two for a complete dining experience
  • If the pump is making excessive noise, be sure to check the water level as it is most likely low

Cat and Kitten Toys

butterfly cat toyAll for Paws Interactive Flutter Bug Cat Butterfly Toy

Design for Fun:  This butterfly teaser toy can activate your kitty’s prey instinct for rewarding interactive playtime sessions.

360 Degree Rotation:  The flash butterfly can rotate in 360 degree. And this butterfly is constantly spinning, your cat can play with it when you are away. Comes with Two Butterfly Refills. click on link to order refills.

butterfly toy replacement butterfliesAll for Paws Interactive Cat Teaser Toy - Re-fill package

Six replacement butterflies for the Interactive Cat Teaser Toy so your cat can play with it for long time.

MeoHui 11 PCS Retractable Cat Feather Toy Set, Interactive Cat Toys Wand with 2 Poles & 9 Attachments Worm Bird Feathers, Cat Feather Teaser Wand Toy for Kitten Cat Having Fun Exercise Playing

Easyology Pets KittyStick Cat Toy Refill- 3 pack Easyology Pets KittyStick Cat Toy Refill- 3 pack 

Best For Playful Interactive FUN - 100% Percent Pet Friendly Kitten Toy with Feather Teaser

Da Bird Cat Toy - Easy Store - 2 Part PoleDa Bird Cat Toy - Easy Store - 2 Part Pole - Feather Teaser simulates the motion of a bird at your control. A flick of the wrist and the brightly colored feathers dance and spin to invite your cat to play. Encourages instinctual behaviors and exercise to keep your cat healthy and alert

Scratch Mountain- the Multi-Cat Oversized Scratch'n Play Lounger - Supersized fun at 34 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches that uniquely combines inclined and flat areas to satisfy all cats
- Safer humane board that is softer to protect kitten and senior cat claws
- Allows all cats to really claw away on this rather than your furniture

Hagen Catit Design Senses Play CircuitHagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit - Combine this toy with the Catit Design Senses Speed Circuity (shown above) for even more fun!

kitty play cubeKitty Play Cube - Five Star Reviews!!
Connect to additional cubes with hook & loop tabs
Folds completely
Built-in flexi-frame: Pops open in seconds
Sturdy nylon material

Laser toy for catsInteractive Cat Laser Toy
Adjustable 3 Speed Setting Mode

SmartyKat Loco! Motion Cat Toy Automated Activity ToySmartyKat Loco! Motion Cat Toy Automated Activity Toy 
Battery-operated, interactive toy doubles as a feline exercise machine 
Made with 50 percent recycled postconsumer plastic give the eco advantages 
Cat will getting stimulating physical and mental exercise 
The toy keeps you in control of the speed and can be programmed for up to two hours of continuous play by simply touching a button 
Adjustable speed knob 
Battery-operated motion toy doubles as a feline exercise machine 
Chasing the fluttery feather wand is stimulating physical and mental exercise 
Programmable for up to two hours of continuous play with the touch of a button 
EcoAdvantages: Made with 50% recycled plastic

MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat ToyMoody Pet Fling-Ama-String 
Multi Award Winning including Editor's Choice in Cat Fancy Magazine and Best New Product of the Year at the most prestigious pet product trade shows in the world
Best Cat Toy Ever! Say a gazillion of over-joyed kitties around the world! check out the AWESOME KITTY ON FLING-AMA-STRING ACTION VIDEO on this page!
A battery-operated string-flinging machine offering nonstop entertainment for kitty (takes 3 AA batteries not included; also takes rechargeable!)
Absolutely no assembly required
Perfect for every type of cat: kitten, young at heart, full-figured, senior, or just plain lazybones Go to moody pet for Fling-Amar-String Tips and Troubleshooting; Moody Pet offers FREE replacement parts for the life of your toy

Petcube Camera | 720p Video, 2-Way Audio, and Built-in Laser Toy 
View live video in HD with a wide angle lens. Chat and listen using 2-way audio
Exercise and play with a built-in laser toy. Customize access for friends and family
Capture and share photos and videos. Engage with pet lovers worldwide. Requires free Petcube Mobile App. iOS and Android compatible. Android (4.0 or greater)
Camera requires stable internet connection at home and on mobile device.

Pet Cube Play 1080p Video 
Real-time 1080p HD video with a 138 degree wide-angle view, night vision, and 3x digital zoom.
Easy setup via the free Petcube app for iOS and Android. No monthly fees required, and includes a 30-day free trial of Petcube Care cloud video recording service with 10 day history. Camera requires stable internet connection at home and on mobile device. Two-way audio to talk to and hear your pet. Sound and motion notification alerts for pet and home security. Built-in laser toy controlled from your phone, or set to autoplay mode to regularly play and exercise your pet. Share access with friends and family, and capture video and photos clips.

Robotic Cat ToyPetDroid Boltz Robotic Cat Toy
Attached with Feathers/Birds/Mouse Toys for Cats/Kitten
Large Capacity Battery
All Floors Available (Grey) (Grey)

Catch The Mouse Motion Cat Toy 
WE'RE SEEING TRIPLE: Be ready for 3 levels of ball-spinning fun with the Petstages Tower of Tracks cat track toy.
• MORE IS MORE: There's no shortage of fun when it comes to Petstages Tower of Tracks! Expertly designed with 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colored balls, this cat track toy elevates playtime and interactive play with your cat.

SmartyKat Hideout, Tunnel and Playmat Cat Toys
Mysterious tunnel with hidden crackle material to intrigue and engage cats
Foldable tunnel pops open in an instant for & closes securely with attached ties for easy storage
Measures 34” long x 9.5” diameter expanded and retracts to 2” long
Often used for small dog agility training
All SmartyKat products are tested to child safety standards and come with our satisfaction guarantee

eenk Collapsible Cat Tunnel and Cubes Bundle - Interactive Crinkle Cat Toy Tube Playground for Pet, Cats and Puppy - All in one Set of 3
OUR CAT'S NEW ACTIVITY CENTRAL: Stimulate your pet’s playful nature by providing a creative new space for your pet to explore! eenk.’s Cat Tunnel tube playset will provide your pet with daily entertainment and a good place to hide.

For more suggestions for interactive cat and kitten toys, please click on this Amazon link.


Kitty Sill - K&H Deluxe Bolstered Kitty Sill for cats. The bolster is covered with an attractive, soft poly/cotton kitty print. The inside is lined with soft velvety micro fleece. The bolster zips off and can convert into a plush kitty sill. If your kitty wants to cuddle, they can have all the advantages of looking out the window and feeling the sunshine while having the security of a bolster.

Kitty Sill -Kitty Sill is the sturdiest window perch for cats on the market. It has advanced engineering for strength, ease of assembly, and for an asthetically pleasing oval design. Includes two methods of attachment to the window sill: Velcro for easy removal from the window sill, and screws for a more permanent attachment. Supports over 40 lbs. Many indoor cats love the soft and comfortable feel of this kitty sill.

Feliway Pheromone Spray - Convenient Spray Bottle to help ease the anxiety of travel for your cat. Helps to comfort both kittens and adult cats in stressful situations. Reduces the stress of a new environment, loud noises such as thunder, sirens and fireworks, and family or animal additions. Calms your cat to reduce or stop scratching, biting and urine marking.

feliway diffuser with 48ml plug-inFeliway Plug-In Diffuser with Refill, 48 Milliliters - Feliway® creates a state of familiarity and security in the cat's environment by mimicking the cat's natural facial pheromones. This comforts and reassures the cat while they cope with a challenging situation (i.e., changes in the household, adding a new cat to the household, etc.) and/or help prevent or reduce the stress caused to a cat during that change. Feliway® comes in a spray or an electric diffuser.

Posh cat bedsPosh Pet Beds - These beds come in different colors, the crochet beds have removeable shells for washing/drying. The uposltered beds can be cleaned with Peroxide. Contact Donna at:
Facebook:   Posh Pet Beds

Sturdi Cat Carrier - Dividable to carry two cats.  We love Sturdi Products and use them for our own cats.

  • Durable 600 Denier Polyester and Feather Light Construction
  • Adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap and leather hand grip
  • Retractable privacy flaps on all mesh windows Interior fleece pad secured by Velcro
  • Zipper security clips and a tether for safety and security is included
  • Comes in many colors!

Cat Carrier by Pet4Fun PET4FUN® PN950 Foldable Pet Puppy Dog Cat Carrier & Travel Crate w/ Premium 600D Oxford Cloth, Strong Steel Frame, Carry Bag, Locking Zippers, Washable Nap Pad, Airy Windows