Canned Cat Food and Dry Cat Food?

The issue of whether to feed canned cat food or dry cat food is one that is very controversial. However, here are a couple of things to consider when deciding which cat food is best for your cat or kitten. Remember, that the quality of the cat food whether canned or dry is a huge factor as well. Dry Cat … Read More

Cat and Kitten Food Recommendation

Insider’s Look at Life’s Abundance from Life’s Abundance on Vimeo.Life’s Abundance Pet Food In the past decade or so, most cat owners have become more aware that their cats need a good diet for optimal health. However, most of us have been so inundated with “this brand is better than that brand” by the media and pet food companies that … Read More

Five People Foods to Never Feed Your Cat

By: Dr. Sarah of Life’s Abundance This month’s episode of Pet Talk with Dr. Sarah is just for felines. Turns out, that myth about finicky appetites doesn’t mean they won’t consume things that can damage their little bodies. You may think you know what human foods a cat should and should not eat, but we guarantee that some of these will … Read More

Life’s Abundance Cat and Dog Food and Transparency

Life’s Abundance cat food is the only brand of cat and kitten food that Pelaqita Persians’ uses. Life’s Abundance foods are formulated for All Life Stages. Life’s Abundance Cat Food Why do Cat Breeders Recommend Food and Other Pet Products? As a former longtime dog, and now, cat breeder, I have been using and recommending food and other pet products … Read More

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Fish Oil Supplement for Cats

Feeding your cat a high quality diet is important for many reasons, including maintaining health and strengthening the immune system. As with humans, research has also shown that fatty acids are essential in a pet’s diet. There are two main types of “essential fatty acids”: Omega-3 and Omega-6 and they are not the same nor do they provide the same … Read More

Prescription Diet Cat Foods – Real or Not?

© Adobe Stock ImageWhen a veterinarian says your cat needs a “prescription” diet, does that mean the food you are being asked to buy is high quality and contains healthy ingredients or is even necessary for your cat?  In my opinion: NO. In my experience of over 35 years of being a breeder, coupled with conversations with my own veterinarians, … Read More

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Cats and Kittens

© Pelaqita PersinsAs you can see by our web site, I  love our animals and especially Persian cats. I believe that a vitamin supplement will help any cat or dog. I wanted to share this information with not only the Persian cat community, but all the animal lovers out there, about what I believe are the ultimate cat vitamin and … Read More

Why We Feed Life’s Abundance Food and Dr. Jane Bicks

I want to share with you my experience with Life’s Abundance and the reason I will be occasionally featuring cat-related articles that Dr. Jane Bicks of Life’s Abundance does for their newsletter and blog. (The purpose of this rather long-winded story below is NOT about convincing anyone to change their pet’s diet or to buy Life’s Abundance food. The purpose … Read More