5 Tips To Get Your Cat To Use The Scratching Post

Does your kitty always scratch on the furniture (or someplace they’re not meant to be scratching?)  Or perhaps, you want to get a cat and want to ensure that they use the convenient cat scratching post and not your magnificent upholstered dining table?  I assure you that reading these five tips will show you how to get your kitten to … Read More

A Persian Cat Named Ralph Mouth

Ralph at one-day old. On May 14, 2015, our Persian cat, Sophia Loren, had her kittens via an emergency C-section. We ended up with four live kittens. There were two red and white males, and we decided to keep the one with more white on him. The other Red Tabby and White kitten went to a show home. Every time … Read More

Advantages to Microchipping Your Persian Cat

In 2012, I started to microchip all of my Persian kittens.  Before a kitten leaves our home it is registered into the new owner’s name with the registering agency – Microchip ID Systems. UPDATE:     As of August 2013, Pelaqita Persians is using the “new” Mini Pro ID microchip which is only 1/4 inch long and uses a slimmer, sharper … Read More

Animal Rights and RALEEF

To our wonderful visitors:  We have never felt that the purpose of this site should be political. However, with all of the on-going animal legislation (and breed specific bans — dogs), we felt it was high time that we publicly took a stand. It is time for all animal lovers who wish to continue to own and enjoy their chosen breeds … Read More

A Cat Mother’s Nightmare

As an avid pet lover and critter owner, over the past 30+ years, I have heard from friends, acquaintances, and veterinary professionals about a dog or cat escaping from their home and becoming lost. I have always been fortunate that I have never lost one of my pets, until a few weeks ago. It all began with a visit from … Read More

Antidepressant Toxicity and Cats

The following is a true story. Because the owner and I hope her story could serve as a warning to other cat owners about the dangers of antidepressant toxicity and cats, I have changed the names of the owner and the cat to protect their privacy. I have used the initial “P” for the owner, and the initial “S” for … Read More

Are All Cat Breeders Created Equally?

I recently came across a Facebook page that had this post: What do my kittens cost? “I have had this question come up many times and many times people are often surprised by the price. I am asking $1800 for each of my kittens (calicos, brown patched tabby, torties and dilute calicos will be $2200 due to the rarity of … Read More

Are Purebred Cats In Danger Of Becoming Extinct?

The purebred cats that the various registry organizations recognize may be in danger of becoming extinct if the current legislation being proposed in many communities around the country is not stopped. Well-meaning individuals and groups who have been influenced by the extreme attitudes of the animal rights groups are most often at the root of this. Animal Rights organizations and … Read More

Before Getting a New Persian Kitten

Your Persian cat will depend on you throughout its life which is typically about 15 – 20 years. Can you properly care for a Persian cat and provide a stable home for its lifetime? Statistics show that over 50 percent of all cats change owners at least once in their lifetime. Do you find that statistic as appalling and alarming … Read More