Animal Welfare NOT Animal Rights!

The Difference Between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights

There is a difference between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights. Many people think these are the same thing, but they aren't. Please take a moment to read this article.

Animal Welfare means animals are to be treated humanely, have a quality life, and (when needed) a humane death. Animal Welfare supports responsible ownership, breeding, and use of animals in agriculture.

The ultimate goal of Animal Rights organizations is simply to end the use of animals by man – for food, fiber, or even as pets.

Animal Rights groups use the overstated and distorted information to get support and donations. These are large, well-funded, and vocal groups seeking to change laws relating to animals.

These changes seem to make sense to the general public. However, they hide the overall aim of ending all use of animals by man. The rights of animal owners are slowly being taken away, and real animal welfare is being lost in the shuffle.

Italian Greyhound dog with Persian kitten

© Pelaqita Persians

The way Animal Rights groups do things are subtle and aimed at slowly reaching their goals. For instance, the effort to substitute "companion animal" for "pet" in our laws is intended to put an end to the concept of pet ownership and YOUR ABILITY TO OWN PETS!! Such smoke and mirrors tend to cloud their real goals; please visit the links below.

I encourage you that if you want to continue to own your cat, dog, or whatever animal that you love and get informed or LOSE that right.

Groups A Pet Owner Should Know

Advocate and Donate Wisely – Know where your money is actually going, what organization is behind the "furry cute face", and how it is being spent.