A Persian Cat Named Ralph Mouth

Ralph at one-day old. On May 14, 2015, our Persian cat, Sophia Loren, had her kittens via an emergency C-section. We ended up with four live kittens. There were two red and white males, and we decided to keep the one with more white on him. The other Red Tabby and White kitten went to a show home. Every time … Read More

Antibiotic Use in Veterinary Dentistry

Veterinary DentistryBy:   Fraser A. Hale, DVM, FAVD, DiplAVDC This article has been reprinted in its entirety with permission of Dr. Hale. © All Rights Reserved. © Adobe Stock Photo The management of bacterial infections and the use of antibiotics are complex subjects. This will be a brief discussion of some of the issues involved. The clinical decision to use or … Read More

Antidepressant Toxicity and Cats

Antidepressant Toxicity And CatsThe following is a true story. Because the owner and I hope her story could serve as a warning to other cat owners about the dangers of antidepressant toxicity and cats, I have changed the names of the owner and the cat to protect their privacy. I have used the initial “P” for the owner, and the … Read More

Book Recommendations About Persian Cats and Caring for Felines

Book RecommendationsBelow are a few books that we highly recommend for further information on Persian cats and their care. Click on the picture of the book and the link will open a new window on Amazon.com.Cats for the GENIUS By: Ramona D. Marek Are you a cat owner or are you thinking about becoming one? If cats have already cast … Read More

Canned Cat Food and Dry Cat Food?

Canned Cat Food and Dry Cat Food?It is my experience that feeding a small amount of canned food in the morning, sprinkling their daily supplement on it, and then letting the cat free-feed on the dry food during the day is what works best for our cats. I feel this is a reasonable approach as cats like to eat multiple … Read More

Cat Emergency First Aid Kit

Emergency First Aid KitYou never know when an accident will happen or an emergency involving your cat. Keeping an emergency kit at your home is a good idea. You can put a first aid kit together yourself and buy the items separately or buy one ready-made. If you make one yourself, use a small plastic tub with a tight fitting … Read More

Cat Microchipping

Cat MicrochippingFor years, dogs have been microchipped. It is a no-brainer to have a dog microchipped, dogs usually go outside to potty, dogs are taken to obedience classes, for walks, rides, and hikes. Therefore, dogs are more susceptible to straying from home and becoming lost. Nowadays, most cats live indoors never setting a paw outside. However, a cat can accidentally … Read More

Cat Vaccinations

Cat VaccinationsFor a while now, I have been noticing an increase in the instances of kitten owners not taking their kitten in for its 16th week vaccination. Not only are kitten owners not getting this crucial vaccination for their kitten, but there seems to be a few breeders out there that are also not properly vaccinating their kittens even if … Read More

Cat Vitals and When Is It An Emergency?

Cat Vitals and When It Is An EmergencyKnowing how to take your cat’s pulse, take its temperature and find out its respiration is a handy skill if you feel your cat is ill and trying to decide if a trip to the veterinarian’s office is necessary. The rate a cat’s heart beats is his “pulse” rate which normally beats between … Read More

Cats and Bad Breath

Cats and Bad Breathp>In medical terms, bad breath is “halitosis” and it is a common problem reported by pet owners to their veterinarians. Some sort of dental problem is the most common cause of bad breath in cats as bacteria, saliva, and food particles can form plaque which causes bad breath. If left untreated, the build-up of plaque can develop … Read More