Cats and Cages

Cats and CagesMany cat breeder websites boast about being a “cageless” or “cage-free” cattery – inferring that they allow ALL their cats to run free in their entire home. Those breeders say their kittens are “raised underfoot” in their home. An impressive statement, but is it accurate? The terms “cageless” or “cage free” are misleading, and I believe that breeder … Read More

Cats and Declawing

Cats and DeclawingMany people believe that declawing their cat is the surgical removal of the cat’s nails. This is incorrect. Before making the decision to have your cat declawed be aware that there may be an alternative to declawing. Declawing a cat is a procedure that is mostly done in the United States, and most owners are not aware of … Read More

Cats and Hairballs – National Hairball Awareness Day

Cats and Hairballs — National Hairball Awareness DayAll cat owners have experienced their cat’s “gift” – the hairball. The last Friday in April is “National Hairball Awareness Day” and is an important day to recognize. I am not sure of the origin of this “special day” but I have found references to it beginning around 2011. Hair balls are not … Read More

Cats and Holiday Safety

Cats and Holiday SafetyIt is easy to forget that some of the common items we have in and around our homes during the holidays can be dangerous to our cats and dogs. Keep the following in mind:ChocolateChocolate is never good for a cat (or dog) to eat. However, dark chocolate is far more dangerous because of its high levels of … Read More

Cats and Summertime Health Issues

Cats and Summertime Health IssuesMost cats seem to take care of themselves and we are rarely aware of when they are not feeling well. There are several preventable problems that cats run into and they seem to increase with the summer season. Your cat relies on you in order to be safe and well-cared for.Top Five Seasonal Cat Health Risks … Read More

Cats and the Causes of Stress

Cats and The Causes of StressCats are creatures of habit and routine. Changes that upset their habits and/or routine can cause a cat to become anxious. A cat that experiences anxiety as a result of changes like this becomes stressed and possibly resentful. The types of stress a cat experiences are usually from one of three basic sources: The surrounding … Read More

Cats and Toxoplasmosis

Cats and ToxoplasmosisI came across a report published in Arch Gen Psychiatry, “Tosoplasma gondii Infection and Self-Directed Violence in Mothers” which is an example of the bad journalism that is rampant on the internet and as seen on CNN Health (link no longer valid), and TIME.The T. Gondii StudyThe actual study does not suggest that cats cause women to commit suicide. In fact, other … Read More

Cats and Vomiting

Cats and VomitingGastrointestinal issues in cats and kittens can unexpectedly occur, usually because of a change in diet, stress, etc. A while back one of our kitten buyers sent me an email about their cat who had suddenly started vomiting.  Below is their story.Ziggy’s Story© Pelaqita Persians Ziggy starting vomiting and vomited about 30 times between Wednesday evening and Friday … Read More

Conjunctivitis Eye Infections in Cats

Conjunctivitis Eye Infections in CatsConjunctivitis is an inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva (the tissue lining the eyelids and attaching to the eyeball near the cornea). This area becomes irritated due to allergies induced by pollens, grasses, etc. or from infections caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. If the white portion of the eye is also inflamed, this is sometimes … Read More

Corneal Sequestrum In Cats

Authored By: ANIMAL EYE SPECIALISTS, INC. Matthew J. Chavkin, DVM, MS – Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists Tanja Nuhsbaum, DVM, MS – Diplomate, American College of Veterinary OphthalmologistsWhat Is A Corneal Sequestrum?The condition is unique to cats and is characterized by an area of corneal degeneration with brown pigmentation.Are Certain Breeds More Likely To Develop A Corneal Sequestrum?Yes. Persians, … Read More