Book Recommendations About Persian Cats and Caring for Felines

Book RecommendationsBelow are a few books that we highly recommend for further information on Persian cats and their care. Click on the picture of the book and the link will open a new window on for the GENIUS By: Ramona D. Marek Are you a cat owner or are you thinking about becoming one? If cats have already cast … Read More

Ear Cleaning For Cats

Ear Cleaning for CatsSkin & Ear Cleanser Just like trimming your cat’s nails/claws on a weekly basis, you should also inspect, and if needed, clean your cat’s ears at the same time. If you do this on a routine basis, you will ensure that your cat is not developing any type of ear problem (discharge, ear mites, etc.). Other articles … Read More

Persian Cat Care and Coat Maintenance

Persian Cat Care and Coat MaintenanceCaring for a Persian takes a little more effort than that which another breed of cat requires. Due to the long, double coat of the Persian and the fact that many Persians have eyes that become “weepy”; caring for your Persian requires daily maintenance. There are a few main categories of Persian cat care (clickable … Read More

Persian Cat Care and Eye Cleaning

Persian Cat Care and Eye CleaningUnlike many other breeds of cats, Persian cats require a little more care. These are a few main categories of Persian cat care: Coat Maintenance; Eye Cleaning; Nails; Teeth; Ear Cleaning; and Bathing In this article, we will be addressing keeping a Persian cat’s eyes clean. Click on the links above to read articles on this … Read More

Persian Cat Care and Nail Trimming

Persian Cat Care and Nail Trimmingrimming a Persian cat’s claws should begin as a kitten so that the cat becomes comfortable with procedure. Stroke and play with the kitten’s paws so that it begins to feel comfortable with the feeling of having its paws handled before trimming the nails. Offer the cat a treat at the end of the procedure … Read More

Persian Cat Care and Teeth Care

Persian Cat Care and TeethStarting while the cat is a kitten they should have their teeth brushed. Kittens begin to get their baby or temporary teeth at about 2-3 weeks of age. Their permanent teeth usually begin to come in at about 3 – 4 months of age, and all of their adult teeth should be in by about 8 … Read More

Persian Cat Grooming and Bathing

Persian Cat Grooming and BathingGrooming a Persian cat is quite different than grooming other cat breeds. Persian cats need combing on a daily basis. We use a wide-metal tooth, static free, comb. I never use a brush as a brush will not penetrate a long, thick coat of a Persian cat. Of course, if combing your Persian is part of … Read More

PinkPawPal Professional Grooming Products

PinkPawPal Grooming ProductsPinkPawPal are professional grooming products imported from Thailand. PinkPawPal is also a known for the highly titled show cats they have bred and produced.  Both principals of the company (and cattery) are now certified CFA Judges. I became an authorized dealer in the United States of America after trying the products while campaigning one of my cats to … Read More

Trimming Persian Cat Ears

Trimming a Persian Cat’s EarsA Persian cat should have small, round ears – it even says so in the Cat Fancier’s Association Persian Breed Standard 2023. However, not every Persian has round-looking ears without a little grooming because they can have those little tufts of hair at the top of their ears. To create the illusion of a round ear … Read More