Trimming Persian Cat Ears

Trimming a Persian Cat's Ears

A Persian cat should have small, round ears – it even says so in the Cat Fancier's Association Persian Breed Standard 2023. However, not every Persian has round-looking ears without a little grooming because they can have those little tufts of hair at the top of their ears. To create the illusion of a round ear you can trim the cat's ears to appear more rounded.

Equipment Needed

  • Curved, blunt-nosed scissors (even baby safety scissors work well); and
  • Your cat

Using your thumb and index finger, gently hold the cat's ear between your thumb and index finger with the thumb on the topside of the ear. Slide your thumbnail along the ear up towards the tip of your cat's ear until you feel the edge of your fingernail just begin to slide off the end of the tip of your cat's ear. Make sure you separate the tip hair from the tuft hair (do not cut the tuft hair).

Holding this position trim the ear as close to your thumbnail as possible using your curved, blunt-nosed scissors. Using this method will prevent you from ever accidently cutting your cat's ear.

Trim as close to the tip of the ear as possible making the ears appear round. For some people, it is easier to trim the hair when wet so you can easily see the ear leather.

If you accidentally slice the ear leather it will NOT regenerate and it will bleed very heavily.