Persian Cat Care and Eye Cleaning

Persian Cat Care and Eye Cleaning

Unlike many other breeds of cats, Persian cats require a little more care. These are a few main categories of Persian cat care:

In this article, we will be addressing keeping a Persian cat's eyes clean. Click on the links above to read articles on this site about coat maintenance, nails, teeth care, ear cleaning, and bathing.

Eye Care of the Persian Cat

Almost all Persian cats can have tearing of the eyes and if left unchecked the tears can stain the coat around the cat's eyes a red or "rust" color. The first thing to do is gather the right tools to combat eye stains on a Persian.

Quilted cotton make-up pads for wiping the cat's eyes should be used. These pads can be found at your local drug store. Do not get the ones that have a lot of fluffy cotton-like fibers as they will get in the cat's eyes and cause irritation.

PinkPawPal Eye and Facial Cleanser and Wink-Eye Powder duo

PinkPawPal Eye and Facial Cleansing Solution

PinkPawPal Eye and Facial Cleanser for cats and dogs

Eye and Facial Cleanser

The Eye and Facial Cleansing Solution by PinkPawPal helps in removing deep tear stains.  Safe and gentle for use around the eyes, face, and body. Can be safely used as many times a day as you need to remove tear stains.

How to Use:
1.   Moisten a make-up pad or cotton ball with Cleansing solution and gently clean your pet’s eyes or stained area.

2.   Wipe with soft tissue paper until dry. For the best result, use in combination with PINKPAWPAL WINK-EYE POWDER.

Chamomile Extract, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Hydrogen Borate, Cosmetic Fragrance 0.01%.

The Eye and Facial Cleaning Solution works best when combined with the Wink-Eye Powder.

Eye Powder

PinkPawPal Wink Eye Powder

After cleaning the tears or stain from the cat's eye area, it is a good idea to "pack" the eye area with a powder (dry the eye area after cleaning the cat's eyes with one of the above washes). The powder will assist in eliminating the stain and prevent new staining.

Powerful at reducing tear and inflammation around eyes and face. The delicate and fine powder adheres better to the fur, so a little goes a long way. Natural ingredients and safe for kittens and also safe for eyes.

How to Use: 
1.    Clean your pet eyes and face with Eyes & Facial Cleanser.
2.    Wipe with soft tissue paper until dry,
3.    Apply Wink-Eye Powder around both eyes and face daily.

Demonstration video.  Thai is being spoken in this video, but the video clearly shows how to properly use the Cleansing Solution and the Wink-Eye Powder.