Persian Cat Care and Nail Trimming

Persian Cat Care and Nail Trimming

rimming a Persian cat's claws should begin as a kitten so that the cat becomes comfortable with procedure. Stroke and play with the kitten's paws so that it begins to feel comfortable with the feeling of having its paws handled before trimming the nails. Offer the cat a treat at the end of the procedure that it only receives only during nail trimming or some other grooming procedure. There are a few main categories of Persian cat care. Below are clickable links to the article about the subject below.

In this article, we will be addressing trimming a cat's claws and there are other articles on coat maintenance, eye cleaning, teeth care, ear cleaning, and bathing.

Nail Trimming

nail clippers


First of all you will need a nail clipper especially made for clipping a cat's nail (see IMAGE 1).

Please do not try to use a dog nail clipper.

demonstration of extending a cat's claw


Place the cat in your lap, on the floor or a table. Hold a paw in one hand and press toe pad gently to extend the claw (see IMAGE 2).

Notice the pink tissue -the quick - (see IMAGE 3) on the inside of the claw (the quick may not be visible if the cat has dark nails) – avoid cutting the quick as this is painful for the cat and will cause bleeding. With claw trimmers designed specifically for cat's claws, clip the claw below the quick (away from the toe), clipping about halfway between the end of the quick and the tip of the claw. (see IMAGE 3)

cat's claw with quick line shown

cat's claw with quick line shown

Be patient with the cat and if it becomes restless, stop clipping the claws and try again the next day. Clipping the claws should always be positive. Even if you have to try a couple days in a row, eventually all the nails will be done and the cat will not be traumatized. The rear claws do not need to be trimmed as often as the front.

If the nail is cut too short and the claw bleeds, do not panic. The claw may bleed for a moment, but it will usually stop very quickly. Soothe the cat by speaking softly and stoking it. If the bleeding has not stopped in a minute or so, touch a styptic pencil to the claw end or pat on a styptic powder (Kwik Stop) to help staunch the bleeding.