5 Tips To Get Your Cat To Use The Scratching Post

two cats in cat tree

© Pelaqita Persians

Does your kitty always scratch on the furniture (or someplace they’re not meant to be scratching?)  Or perhaps, you want to get a cat and want to ensure that they use the convenient cat scratching post and not your magnificent upholstered dining room chairs?  I assure you that reading these five tips will show you how to get your kitten to use the scratching post just the way you want it.

Start Training Them Then They Are Young

It is always good to start directing your cat to a scratching post when they are young.  When they are younger, it's still easier to lead them to make use of the scratching post instead of your furniture.  You can scratch your fingers along the post because they love that noise. It gets them to use the post as toys. To your kitten, it may be like a feather to a string or any other toy your kitten likes to pursue). Another trick, is to take your kitten or cat's front paws in each of your hands and simulate scratching on the post so the kitty's front feet are "raking" the post up and down. Do anything you can to get them interested in the nice scratching post. You may need to repeat these steps a few times so the kitty understands.

Pick a Suitable Cat’s Scratching Post Material.

Some cats may prefer cardboard, some like sisal; others may like the feel of a carpet. I advise that you to try a few to see what your cats like best.  Our cats prefer the sisal wrapped poles.

You should also take the height and sturdiness into consideration when buying a scratching post.  Since most cats like to stretch out, taller might be better. Ensure that the post is sturdy and does not move around when the cat is using it.

Ensure That You Have One Scratching Post Per Cat.

Scratching acts as a kind of stress reliever for them and a way of cats marking their territory and it also helps them to feel secure in their home. Ensure that you have at least one post per cat because if you have only one scratching post, the other cats may not use it, and might use your furniture instead.

Post Placement

Placing your kitten's scratching post at the right spot is essential. The post has to be placed at a prominent spot,  possibly close to the spot they are already scratching. Just close to a napping spot. This is important since cats use scratching a way to mark their territory,

Encourage Your Cat to Scratch a Particular Spot Regularly.

If your cat scratches on inappropriate spots and is an older cat,  try to encourage your cat to scratch on a specific location.  Try as much as possible to show your cat how to use a post. You can rub her paws on the post regularly or rub some catnip into the scratching post to grab her attention to it.