Giving Kittens as Gifts

Christmas at Pelaqita Persians Christmas is fast approaching, and already I am getting phone calls and emails asking if we will have kittens available for Christmas. Most of the inquiries I get during the Holiday season is for “a kitten as a surprise for my [insert name here]. While surprising a loved one with a new kitten may seem like … Read More

Historical Facts about Exotics

At the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) Board of Director’s meeting June 11-12, 1966, Mr. Winn & Mrs. Martinke presented a new program for hybrids. Quoting from the 1966 CFA yearbook minutes, pg 113. “It had first been envisioned as a solution to the problem of silver American Shorthairs which appear to be more Persian than American Shorthair…” This proposed new … Read More

History of the Persian Cat

Ancient Persia – Adobe Stock Opinions vary on when the Persian cat first appeared, how it got its name, and how the breed spread across the globe. This article outlines some of the popular views about Persian cats. There are references to the Persian cat in hieroglyphic records as early as 1684 B.C. It is believed that the Persian cat … Read More

Holiday Dangers

Cat in Santa Hat – Adobe Stock Special dangers await your cat during the Holidays. Thousands of cats suffer injury or become deathly ill and die each year during this time of year. During this busy time of year, we often forget about our four-legged family members during all the festivities. Cats are just as curious and anxious about the … Read More

How Old Is My Cat?

© Pelaqita Persians For years, many of us have been led to believe the way to figure out how old our cats or dogs were in “human” years was that “one year equals seven ‘human’ years”. This way of calculating the age of a dog relative to humans has never really worked well. This is because there is such a … Read More

How to Introduce a New Cat

Cats are solitary creatures and do not like change, especially if that means bringing another cat into their domain. The cat that has been the only cat in the home may have some issues if the owner brings home a second cat and they have some definite and obnoxious ways to let you know they are displeased. Typical signs of … Read More

HSUS ‘Fact Sheet’ Distorts Animal Control Issues and Answers

No one denies that there are far too many animals killed in shelters in the US. Whether one believes the latest study that shows about two million deaths or past studies that estimate five million or more, just about everyone agrees there is a problem. The solutions to the problem seem to fall into two categories: those designed by animal … Read More

Introducing a New Kitten to the Household

Adobe Stock Images Getting a new Persian kitten and adding it to your household should be a fun and exciting experience. Cats are territorial and may not take kindly to this addition to “their” domain. The key is a gradual introduction of the new pet to the resident cat in your household. The following suggestions should assist with the transition … Read More

Is Your Cat Eating More – Or Less?

Do you ever notice that your cat eats less during the warmer summer months than during the cooler wintertime? According to a four-year study of 38 cats published in PLOS ONE journal, April 2014, there may well be a correlation of a cat’s food intake and seasonal changes. According to the study mentioned above, the cats ate the most between … Read More

Is Your Cat in your Will?

In the past few generations, everything about cats and how we relate to them has changed. For instance – Unfortunately, in most states, the law still considers our pets (dogs and cats) to be “property” or “livestock”. It follows then that a pet cannot inherit money or a person’s estate. Also, a pet cannot be the beneficiary of a binding … Read More