Ketamine Kills Cats

Ketamine Kills Cats

By: Carissa Altschul
Cacao Cattery

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a type of anesthesia still used by many veterinarians, especially in low cost neuter/spay clinics.

What are other names for Ketamine?

Ketamine is found in products such as ketaset, ketalar, vetalar, ketaject, ketanest, ketalin, ketmin, and others. It is also a street drug often known as "Vitamin K" or "Special K". It is also commonly used as a date-rape drug.

Why does Ketamine kill cats?

Since the veterinary community, as a whole, does not recognize that ketamine kills cats, the exact reason why it kills is not known. It is believed to be an allergic type reaction or extreme sensitivity.

What are safe anesthesia alternatives to ketamine?

Both isoflurane and sevoflurane are safe to use with cats and small breed dogs. While using these products does increase the cost of the neuter or spay, it is worth it to avoid the often deadly complications caused by ketamine.

What if my vet insists ketamine is safe?

There are many documented cases of ketamine killing cats of all breeds. Is your cat worth the risk? Find another vet who does not use ketamine as anesthesia for the neuter or spay of your beloved pet. Do not request – you must INSIST – that your vet only uses either isoflurane or sevoflurane as anesthesia.

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Ketamine kills

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