Cat Awake at Night – Reducing Nocturnal Activity

Cats are nocturnal and prefer to be awake at night, sleeping up to 16 hours a day. Although, Persian cats sleep more than other cat breeds. The most common complaint veterinarians get is: “the cat is keeping me awake during the night”. There are several things you can do to help:

Cat Emergency First Aid Kit

You never know when an accident will happen or an emergency involving your cat, keeping a cat emergency kit at your home is a good idea. You can put a first aid kit together yourself and buy the items separately or buy one ready-made. If you make one yourself, use a small plastic tub with a tight fitting lid to … Read More

Cat Microchipping

For years, dogs have been microchipped. It is a no-brainer to have a dog microchipped, dogs usually go outside to potty, dogs are taken to obedience classes, for walks, rides, and hikes. Therefore, dogs are more susceptible to straying from home and becoming lost. Nowadays, most cats live indoors never setting a paw outside. However, a cat can accidentally get … Read More

Cat Owners Have Rights

(Photo: IvonneW/iStockphoto) You, as a cat owner, have the right and responsibility to ask your veterinarian questions regarding the diagnosis, medical tests, treatment plan, and prognosis for your pet. When you are in the hospital, you ask the nurse what she is injecting into your IV or what pill she is giving you BEFORE it happens to make sure there are … Read More

Cat Vaccinations

© Pelaqita Persians For a while now, I have been noticing an increase in the instances of kitten owners not taking their kitten in for its 16th week vaccination. Not only are kitten owners not getting this crucial vaccination for their kitten, but there seems to be a few breeders out there that are also not properly vaccinating their kittens … Read More

Cat Water Fountains for Persian Cats by EBI Fountains

Recently, I made an investment in two Ebi Water Fountains for our Persian cats and kittens. I made this purchase because I have two cats that absolutely refuse to use a water bottle no matter how hard I try to “train” them to use it. While this is not an issue for one of our cats to use one of Charlie’s … Read More

Cats and Bad Breath

In medical terms, bad breath is “halitosis” and it is a common problem reported by pet owners to their veterinarians. Some sort of dental problem is the most common cause of bad breath in cats as bacteria, saliva, and food particles can form plaque which causes bad breath. If left untreated, the build-up of plaque can develop into gingivitis, or … Read More

Cats and Cages

Many cat breeder websites boast about being a “cageless” or “cage-free” cattery – inferring that they allow ALL their cats to run free in their entire home. Those breeders say their kittens are “raised underfoot” in their home. An impressive statement, but is it accurate? The terms “cageless” or “cage free” are misleading, and I think, that breeder is irresponsible … Read More

Cats and Declawing

Many people believe that declawing their cat is the surgical removal of the cat’s nails. This is incorrect. Before making the decision to have your cat declawed be aware that there may be an alternative to declawing. Declawing a cat is a procedure that is mostly done in the United States, and most owners are not aware of what declawing … Read More