Banfield and VCA Are Under Same Corporate Umbrella

Banfield and VCA Are Under Same Corporate UmbrellaI came across an article written by Laura Northrup on dated January 9, 2017, regarding a pending merger of a number of the nation’s biggest veterinary care chains (VCA, Banfield Pet Hospital, and BluePearl Veterinary Partners) under the ownership of Mars Inc. (the candy and packaged foods giant). This is NOT a good thing. … Read More

Before Getting a New Persian Kitten

Before Getting a New Persian KittenYour Persian cat will depend on you throughout its life which is typically about 10 – 20 years. Can you properly care for a Persian cat and provide a stable home for its lifetime? Statistics show that over 50 percent of all cats change owners at least once in their lifetime. Do you find that … Read More

Birthing Kittens As Seen Through the Eyes of a Cat Breeder

Birthing Kittens As Seen Through the Eyes of a Cat BreederMillie, our black and white pregnant, female Persian cat, was expected to have her kittens on or about August 19, 2014. On August 18th, she started showing some signs of “nesting” behavior – digging in her birthing box, sitting down on her back haunches, and then unsuccessfully trying to lick … Read More

Book Recommendations About Persian Cats and Caring for Felines

Book RecommendationsBelow are a few books that we highly recommend for further information on Persian cats and their care. Click on the picture of the book and the link will open a new window on for the GENIUS By: Ramona D. Marek Are you a cat owner or are you thinking about becoming one? If cats have already cast … Read More

Bringing Home a New Persian Kitten

Bringing Home a New Persian KittenGetting a new cat or kitten is an exciting time. Here are some ideas to help you get prepared for your new Persian. Get Prepared To make the transition and adjustment easier and less stressful for your new Persian cat or Persian kitten, it is best to get prepared in advance. The following is a … Read More

Buying A Registered Persian Kitten

Buying A Registered Persian KittenFirst of all, expect to pay more for a registered Persian kitten than an unregistered purebred kitten. A pedigreed Persian kitten is an investment, so it is important to do your homework. When looking for a pedigreed Persian kitten seek out responsible cat breeders who offer (at a minimum): written health guarantee, age-appropriate vaccinations and wormings, … Read More

Canned Cat Food and Dry Cat Food?

Canned Cat Food and Dry Cat Food?It is my experience that feeding a small amount of canned food in the morning, sprinkling their daily supplement on it, and then letting the cat free-feed on the dry food during the day is what works best for our cats. I feel this is a reasonable approach as cats like to eat multiple … Read More

Capturing Your Persian In A Pretty Hand-Drawn Picture

Capturing Your Persian Cat in a Pretty Hand-Drawn PictureBy Guest Author: Lucy Fielding Whoever first decided to call a dog man’s best friend has obviously never owned a Persian cat.  Cats are, in fact, more popular in the USA than their canine counterparts, with more than 95.6 million cats living in households across the country as pets.  As loyal human companions … Read More

Care of Your Pregnant Cat

Care of Your Pregnant CatDue DateTo calculate the due date of your cat, count 65 days from the FIRST date the two cats were bred.  It is not unusual for a cat to go as long as 70 days from the FIRST date of breeding.  Many breeders will breed their queen for 1-4 days.  I usually do not go past … Read More

Cat Aggression

Cat Aggression© Adobe Stock Image For cats in the wild, aggression is a natural and healthy behavior. If cats were not aggressive creatures, they would have never survived in the wild. However, now that man has domesticated them, we no longer find their aggressive tendencies acceptable. According to feline behaviorists there are ten types of cat aggression. However, the cat … Read More